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Building for Cornwall’s Cultural Future

As the largest independent presenting theatre in the county, Hall For Cornwall knows the confidence, pride and self-belief art and culture unlock in people – whatever their background. Performance has the power to bring out the best in all of us – inspiring, entertaining and changing everyone it touches.
Which is why we closed on 2 June 2018 to embark on the biggest transformation in our history, so we can open up the  power of performance to more people than ever and allow the next generation to flourish. To achieve this, and to assure our longer-term sustainability and growth, we need a new building. Because of a range of constraints left over from previous works when the theatre opened in 1997 and the daily demands of a heritage building, the venue was showing significant signs of wear and tear, letting down the community it served and needing urgent attention.
On the site of the existing building, we’re building a new large-scale theatre to reopen Autumn 2020. Redesigned to be open for one and all and built up from the foundations of its previous life as a smaller multipurpose venue. 300 more seats within a new three-tiered auditorium, an unveiled heritage, lively bars and cafés, a creative digital hub with vibrant work and social spaces, will elevate the importance of the building at the centre of community and city life.

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